The Hair & Scalp Specialist – Hair and Scalp treatments tailored to the individual The Hair & Scalp Specialist
Tranquility, Rochestown Rd
Cork, Republic of Ireland
Tel: +353 (0)21 4362253
Hand crafted natural wigs fitted to perfection

We are proud to present to you our beautiful wig Collection, an exclusive collection of wigs by top designers with a superior finish. These wigs are as light as a feather and fit like a glove; the construction ensures they are un-rivalled in their quality and natural look.

Our wig collection is aimed at those of any age who want a comfortable feel good look good wig; the pieces are made slightly petite to ensure the best fit and are suitable for those with a sensitive scalp.

Many of our wigs are hand crafted with an invisible lace front and monofilament base, they have a soft velvety feel and come in a range of beautiful natural colours.
Many wigs are now produced with a monofilament top, which is constructed with either a double or single layer of monofilament. This gives a smoother, softer feel at the top and crown and the hair fibre is hand knotted into this area giving the appearance of hair growing from the scalp.

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Daniel Cowhig MIBS.

Daniel Cowhig is a qualified Trichologist and Member of the Biosthetic Society. Daniel has been treating hair loss using internationally recognised techniques at our clinic since 1995. Daniel's holistic approach..... Read More



Daniel Cowhig Snr.

Daniel Cowhig Snr founded the Hair Scalp Specialist Clinic in 1989. His expertise has long been recognized and he has often been called on as a guest speaker with the British Biosthetic Society. .... Read More